Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

What is Adobe Analytics?


Adobe Analytics is a next-generation cloud-based business solution designed to transform data pulled from anywhere along the customer journey into real-time insights. Its feature-rich interface offers a broad range of possibilities for using data to increase traffic and power conversions. From basic web analytics to predictive intelligence, Adobe Analytics infuses data into every level of your organisation. Build versatile reports, unlock previously unseen opportunities, and make more informed business decisions backed by quality data.


The only drawback to the platform is that with so many possibilities available, learning how to get the most out of Adobe Analytics takes time. To unlock its full potential, you’ll need the support of an experienced team with deep knowledge about the platform. That’s where we come in.



How Can We Help?


When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to a proven team of skilled marketing professionals ready to guide you through implementation, training, and beyond. We’ll work with your developer to ensure the platform is correctly set up while training key stakeholders in all the essentials.


We’ll get to know your company’s goals, tailoring training plans to meet your internal growth strategy. You’ll receive on-demand support at whatever level you need, whenever you need it. From building custom traffic variables to unleashing the power of dynamic audience segmentation, we’ll provide you with everything required to master the platform and maximise your returns.


As part of your Adobe Analytics set up, we can help with:


  • Campaign Reporting – Upskilling your team on how to generate compelling reports, measuring ROI, and analysing campaign performance.
  • Stakeholder Reporting – Assisting stakeholders with keeping track of daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Project Management – We can provide a dedicated Project Manager to help with coordination and administration.
  • Education – Combining existing Abode-created material with our own initiatives to create an engaging training program.


Ready to harness the full power of Adobe Analytics’ comprehensive suite of tools?


Our expert team will ensure seamless integration, drastically reducing your learning curve while customising the platform to suit your goals and driving optimal results.