What is BigQuery?


BigQuery is a multi-cloud data warehouse tool enabling marketers to perform interactive analysis of massive datasets in near real-time. Serverless and highly scalable, BigQuery provides secure on-demand access to powerful data analytics with zero operational overhead. Improve business decision-making and accelerate innovation via BigQuery’s flexible analytics solution.


Running on the Google Cloud Storage infrastructure, BigQuery executes lightning-fast queries of petabyte-scale datasets, with minimal infrastructure to set up and manage. Analyse up to billions of rows of data, gaining an overhead view of the business and charting a course toward future success. Predict business outcomes, creating and executing in-built machine learning models using SQL queries for optimal usability. BigQuery integrates seamlessly with other popular business intelligence tools (e.g., Microsoft Power BI), allowing you to generate reports and share insights across the organization with only a few clicks.


Get more control over your data – share real-time analytics with automatic encryption, backed by BigQuery’s use-based pricing model. Reduce costs by only paying for the storage you need – the ideal data warehousing tool for organizations of all sizes.


BigQuery components include:


  • BigQuery Machine Learning (ML) – Empowers analysts to apply machine learning to large datasets without extensive programming expertise. Create and execute ML models using standard SQL queries.


  • BigQuery BI Engine – Enables swift data analysis, with sub-second query response time and high concurrency. Integrates with many of the most popular BI tools.


  • BigQuery Data Transfer – Automates your data movement on a scheduled, managed basis. Create a centralised data warehouse with no complex coding required.


Choosing the right data warehouse is the foundation of any robust business analytics setup. BigQuery is flexible, fast, and built to be highly scalable thanks to its serverless on-demand pricing model.

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