Are you ready for the switch to Google Analytics 4?

If you have a team you would like to bring up to speed on Google Analytics at one time and place for maximum value, contact us about how we can tailor a training day for your team and businesses requirements.

Google Analytics 4

Whether you like it or not, Google Analytics 4 is here, and it is here to stay. Previously referred to as App+Web Property.


If you have a brand-new website, a new business, and no previous experience of Universal Analytics (GA3), the process will be relatively simple for you.


Most of us will be in the position of using the free version of Universal Analytics and having to transition over to Google Analytics 4. Unfortunately, we can’t take our data with us.

So what are the benefits?

Out-of-the-box event tracking

Once installed, there is a whole bunch of standard event tracking ready to go.


 Web and mobile analytics under one roof.

Google Analytics 4 is designed for modern responsive websites where the line between mobile and desktop is blurred.


 Machine Learning Trends and Alerts

Watch this space new machine learning based on your data on the way for quick valuable insights.


 It plays nice

With new valuable integrations between YouTube, Big Query and Google Ads, we can work fast and get much more in-depth insights.


 Privacy Protection Ready

Data loss is now a real problem by using a combination of your 1st party User IDs, and Google Ads personalisation signals, Analytics will better understand who your customers are.


 New, improved reports

We’re especially excited about the new funnel features previously only available to the paid version of Universal Analytics (GA3).

How do we get started?


Try to do this yourself. Get stuck. Work with a professional to transition your existing Google Analytics Universal setup to GA4 this requires a proper measurement plan and conversion of existing metrics, dimensions and events. Google Analytics 4 works fundamentally different from the previous versions.


From an initial audit to setting up Google Analytics 4, to training, integrations, and consulting. We’ve got you covered with a range of packages suitable for any business.


Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirements over the phone or in-person over a coffee.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will work out a package that works for you.

Interested to learn how to transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 for free? Check this out!

Free Universal Analytics to GA4 Transition Cheat Sheet

A great one to one custom GTM & Analytics advanced training, quite hands on and Mark made it easy to understand.

I felt this training was well designed, well organized and executed very professionally. Mark was very patient to my never ending analytical questions. A great job relating the material to my organisational needs and kept me focused the entire training. Many useful points discussed, which will help advance tracking across digital tools currently in use.

I would highly recommend Absolute Analytics to all other digital marketers looking for Analytics training of any sort or level