Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Audit

Be confident in your reports with a professional Google Analytics Audit

The only way to be sure that your account has been set up correctly is a professional Google Analytics audit. Our service focuses on ensuring you have the right data, for best possible decision-making at your fingertips.


If you have an existing Google Analytics setup this is the first logical step in deciding the best course of action in getting valuable insight and certainty in your decision making. There can be a number of issues affecting your Google Analytics setup. Many, are specific to the individual account caused by incorrect or incomplete setups, but some issues are common:


  • Spam bot traffic inflating your traffic numbers.
  • Faulty conversion tracking.
  • Artificially low bounce rate.
  • False data from missing, old or incomplete tracking code implementation.
  • Incorrect configuration of your account, profiles or views.
  • Personally identifiable information breaching Google’s T&C.


These are just a few of many possible issues that make it impossible for your marketing team to make informed decisions on your data and reduces data-based campaign and website optimization to throwing darts blindly at a dartboard.

Choose the audit right for you.


Health Check

The health check audit is a great starting point for companies who are unsure where to begin. This audit is a quick look under the hood. It allows our team to get an idea of where you are in terms of setup and what the next course of action should be, whether that is a more comprehensive audit or a completely new setup. You will receive a simple email outlining the potential issues and the recommended next steps.


Basic Clean Data 

The basic clean data audit focuses on the known common issues affecting the majority of setups and examines the areas that can cause the biggest disruption to your data. You will receive an email outlining the possible issues and the most appropriate next step. If you are not intending to implement a new setup it is the minimum bar for your analytics account if you value your data and are planning to make decisions on the insights drawn from it.



Gold Standard

Is the true test of whether your Google Analytics account is truly roadworthy. The audit works through all the key problem areas from code, configuration, data integrity to measurement and full comprehensive goal checks. Your will receive a summarized report and an itemized spreadsheet highlighting the found issues and solutions to bring your account up to speed.



Absolute Audit

The Absolute audit means you can be completely confident that your data is correct and your setup is complete. The detailed report you will receive will explain in detail what has been tested, our methods and the significance of those results in a summary excel and a detailed written report with a concise executive summary of what needs to be done next. This audit is highly recommended for e-commerce sites and clients with a medium to large marketing spend.



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