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Google Tag Manager is a fantastic tool and should be any digital marketers’ best friend. Understood and used correctly a marketer can organise and set up a wide range of tracking tags and tools. Whether you want to try HotJar, add Google Analytics event tracking or simply add a Facebook pixel – Google Tag Manager puts the power back in the hands of the marketer.


It’s also great for your web developer/designers whether they be internal or a separate company. You can set up the tools you need without adding to their workload and without having to write any code.


The only probable with Google Tag Manager is like Google Analytics it can be overwhelming and easy to make mistakes. That why we are here.



Are all those tags necessary? Are they working as expected? Are any leaking personal details to 3rd party companies.



Google Tag Manager can be a beast of its own. We’ll set up Google Tag Manager using best practices and the experience we’ve gained setting up hundreds of GTM Accounts and Containers. Already have a lot of tracking on your website and not implemented through a Tag Manager tool like GTM. We can also help you through the difficult process of a Google Tag Manager migration.


GTM Server-side

Ask us about GTM Server-Side setup and how it could help you. There are several benefits to Server-Side GTM such as faster site performance and greater security control over your data.


Google Tag Manager Training and Consulting

Do you want to be more hands on? Contact us to learn more about our hands-on Google Tag Manager training and, courses and workshops.

In our most popular workshop, we’ll we mix theory with hands-on application. We sit with you setting up GoogleTag Manager in your office, using your company website as the example. Leaving you with fully setup Google Tag Manager account container and tags based on best practice and the experience that only comes with being a Google Tag Manager specialist.


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