What is Matomo?


Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform and a leading alternative to Google Analytics. Guaranteeing 100% data ownership and complete privacy protection, Matomo puts you in control of your data and provides peace of mind to your customers. With limitless configuration options available, you’re free to construct your ideal analytics tool to meet your every need. Perform deep user-experience analysis and optimise conversions with no external influence over your data.


Matomo protects user privacy by automatically anonymising IP numbers, offering an analytics opt-out function, and deleting old visitor logs, among other advanced privacy features. Protect your reputation and safeguard customer trust by ensuring their data isn’t used for any outside purpose. With no data limitations and raw data access, you can connect Matomo to your existing data warehouse (e.g., Big Query) or BI tool (e.g., Microsoft Power BI), with the freedom to track as much data as you want. Create custom reports and drill down to the insights most valuable to you.


Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo doesn’t use data sampling. Insights are generated using all available data, giving you a complete view of reporting rather than an estimate that might not be 100% accurate. If data sovereignty is an issue for you, or Google Analytics is not available in a particular territory, Matomo presents a reliable, flexible alternative. If you’re considering making the switch from Google Analytics, Matomo allows for easy importing of all historical data.


Matomo’s suite of conversion optimisation features include:


  • A/B Testing – Experiment with campaign components before launch.
  • Heatmaps – See how customers are viewing your website.
  • Session Recordings – Watch on-demand playback of user sessions.
  • Custom Reporting – Design reports around your organisational goals.


Matomo champions privacy and security while providing customisation options that rival any competing platform. Looking to deploy an ethical data analytics tool capable of delivering accurate, transparent insights?


Our team are experts at helping clients transition over to Matomo, from initial set-up to getting the most out of your reporting. With open-source functionality, the possibilities are endless.