Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

What is Power BI?


Microsoft Power BI (MBI) is a business intelligence solution that enables you to create compelling visual reports. MBI combines data from a variety of tools and transforms it into powerful, shareable insights. Generate clear, user-friendly snapshots of the past, present, and predicted future performance of your business. MBI’s in-built machine learning capabilities allow you to build forecasts and make decisions backed by intelligent, actionable data.


MBI connects to a huge range of on-premise and cloud data solutions (including Google Analytics, BigQuery, Mixpanel, and Adobe Analytics). When combined with tools like Google Analytics, MBI helps unlock new insights – creating a custom self-service dashboard that provides a holistic view of business performance. Collaboration is easy, with real-time updates and an intuitive interface, while security is guaranteed thanks to end-to-end data protection.


Streamline your data analysis, comparing findings across internal and external sources and producing customisable reports within minutes. MBI maximises the power of your entire suite of data analytics tools, arming key decision-makers with everything they need to enact an optimal strategic plan.


MBI components and apps include:


  • Power View – Transforms data into powerful visual reports.
  • Power Map – Builds immersive 3-D visuals.
  • Power Query – Combines data from across your suite of marketing tools.
  • Power Q&A – Enables you to ask questions of your data, receiving intelligent replies.


Modern business is a data-driven enterprise, but data is only as useful as the answers it provides. MBI uncovers the story at the heart of your data, presenting it in a series of impactful visualisations to drive powerful results. Ready to see your data more clearly?


Our MBI experts will help integrate the platform with the rest of your marketing tools, turning insights into action and helping you build a more efficient workflow.