What is Mixpanel?


Mixpanel is a robust product analytics tool that acts as a portal into your customer’s journey. Deepen your understanding of user behaviour, reduce churn, and build better products through data. Mixpanel tracks interactions across multiple sessions and devices, delivering clear insights into how people are using your product and highlighting opportunities for improvement.


Analyse usage trends via interactive reports providing answers to key questions – When are users dropping off? How can you remove friction? What do user groups with the highest rates of retention have in common? Build retroactive funnels that use event tracking to showcase how you can keep your audience more engaged, from initial contact to conversion.


Mixpanel integrates seamlessly with your existing data stack, whether importing directly from your data warehouse or streaming events from your website using a customer data platform such as Segment. Once connected, Mixpanel allows for limitless segmentation, grouping users according to any behaviour or metric you please. Visualise insights and unearth previously unseen patterns in user activity. Test different approaches and personalise your messaging according to various user segments. In addition to nurturing drop-offs, Mixpanel can help identify user segments primed for upselling, enabling you to maximise revenue streams.


Additional features available within Mixpanel include:


  • Custom Dashboards – Highlight the metrics you care most about, from adoption to retention and more.
  • Real-time Alerts – Be automatically notified when trends dip below set thresholds.
  • Push Notifications – Reach out to customers based on certain actions, improving overall activity.
  • Privacy First – Advanced encryption capabilities and end-to-end data protection for peace of mind.
  • Scalable Infrastructure – Capable of running detailed queries across millions of data points in seconds.


While Google Analytics is an excellent tool for traffic attribution, Mixpanel offers deeper insights into how users interact with your product. By combining both, you’re likely to fast-track innovation across both your website and product offering.


Ready to innovate and grow your business? Our team are well-drilled in helping clients get the most out of the platform via expert integration and training.


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