What is Segment?


Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that consolidates data across multiple sources to create a unified database using a single API. Segment empowers marketers to build more detailed customer profiles, deepening your understanding of how users are interacting with your brand and facilitating more personalised campaigns.


Streamline your data capture process and create a single source of truth using Segment’s Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) functionality. Improve data governance and prevent data silos by generating a complete picture of customer interaction accessible by all internal teams. Every time data is altered in one platform, Segment automatically updates it throughout your entire ecosystem. Analytics, marketing, warehousing – Segment automatically transforms your data wherever it’s needed. Gain more accurate insights, eliminate inefficiencies, and boost productivity and decision-making using Segment’s centralised data pipeline.


Amalgamate data from online and offline platforms, crafting meaningful audiences and enhancing your marketing capabilities. Define events, create tracking plans, and organise data based on the needs of each of your brands using this ultra-flexible platform.


Segment’s product suite consists of three primary tools:


  • Connections – Centralises data from user-defined sources. Makes it simple to send data between other platforms using a single API. Integrate new tools in minutes.
  • Protocols – Safeguards the quality of your data. Automates the quality assurance process to ensure you’re making decisions using clean, valid, actionable data.
  • Personas – Leverages collected data into unique customer profiles and real-time audiences. Helps improve marketing ROI by enabling more personalised customer interactions.


Successful campaigns start with quality data. Ready to learn more about how Segment can provide you with a competitive advantage and improve your bottom line?


Our team are experts in integrating Segment’s data pipeline with the rest of your marketing tools. We’ll ensure you’re equipped with everything you need to know to maximise Segment’s deep functionality and create a powerful data pipeline.


We are a registered Segment Partner.