What is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is a cloud based software application used to build, send and analyze  surveys. Need to answer questions which can only be asked to a niche set of audience? SurveyMonkey provide  pre-made survey templates & question banks and post them in social media profiles or user-groups to ensure only the desired target audience participate in the survey. SurveyMonkey is affordable; it provides a free plan which can be used to send a survey with up to 10 questions using custom templates view up to 100 responses per survey whereas paid subscriptions come with powerful functionalities such as, exporting your results, or creating custom reports and using advanced survey logic into the design. The dashboard also provides a plethora of tips and tricks to create a successful survey.


If you have just started using SurveyMonkey, you must be aware that  it allows you to aggregate the data accumulated by SurveyMonkey and compare it to your own surveys and see how you’re doing with SurveyMonkey Benchmarks. The surveys created can be converted into a pdf for offline sharing, the results of which can be uploaded onto surveyMonkey or you can make use of SurveyMonkey’s own audience to answer market research questions. All the data is accumulated into one single report which can be used to create online dashboards to show quick results.


Some of its premium features include:

  • Custom reporting
  • Net Promotor Scoring
  • Text analysis
  • Consolidated account management
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Answer Validation
  • Filter and cross-tabbing


Excited to learn about what SurveyMonkey has to offer and want to bring it into your organization? We specialize in providing group and in-house training as well as consulation, intergation and setup.

We try to inculcate best practices which need to be followed in order to avoid discrepancies. Our services revolve around making the entire training valuable and giving you a possibility of working with data analysis independently. Ensuring that you are equipped with fundamental knowledge before digging into SurveyMonkey will help you generate insights using advanced custom surveys as well as integrate the analysis into private applications using direct APIs more effectively. Although installation of SurveyMonkey is easy, you may need help with integrating it with other project management software’s such as Wirke to ensure you are utilizing SurveyMonkey at its full potential.


We deliver expert training to organizations beginning to set up SurveyMonkey and have also created a list of training options fit for every need.


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