What is Tealeaf?


Tealeaf is an advanced customer experience management (CEM) solution that helps you understand what your customers are doing on your website and why they’re doing it. Tealeaf captures web interactions in real-time, recording customer sessions and providing a complete picture of your online audience. You can then use these insights to build a better digital experience for customers – increasing retention and conversion rates, improving customer satisfaction, and growing your bottom line.


Go into the mind of your customer. Tealeaf records data from the user perspective to help diagnose pain points and remedy website drop-off issues. Whether testing a new campaign or gauging the success (or otherwise) of existing marketing initiatives, Tealeaf will deepen your understanding of how to best serve your audience.


Tealeaf’s session replay function shows you exactly what customers are seeing in real-time. This enables your call centre and support teams to solve customer struggles and fix errors as they arise. Optimize your web and mobile presence, transforming a seamless customer experience into a competitive advantage. Spend marketing resources more effectively, identify new revenue opportunities, and combat fraud with Tealeaf’s AI-driven behavioural analytics platform.


Features include:


  • Real-time session replay – Track sessions and help customers in real-time.
  • Struggle analytics – Identify priority pain points and improve revenue outcomes.
  • Automated anomaly detection – Detect failures and uncover insights with ease.
  • Heat maps – Create powerful visual representations of customer experience.
  • Archiving and search – Retain session data, pinpointing particular sessions as needed.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) & offline integration – Integrate data with call centre and support teams, enabling swift resolution and de-escalation of calls.


Tealeaf is a market-proven behavioural analytics platform that has been helping marketers deliver an optimal customer experience for upwards of twenty years. Ready to better understand the needs of your audience?


Our expert team can help seamlessly integrate Tealeaf into your suite of tools. We’ll ensure you get the most out of its deep range of features, delivering sharper insights and turbocharging your marketing goals.


We are a registered Tealeaf Partner.

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